Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fortress Risotto Conquered!

After a long time, our creative juices we in free flow, and yes the digestive juices too!
After having a ham and pumpkin risotto last Saturday, we were having an uncontrollable urge to try our hand at a risotto at home - the risotto so far was an impenetrable fortress for us. 
But it was the D-day today!
We chose our own style..... we cooked up a pack of Maggi's mushroom soup with a cube of chicken stock. As the soup thickened, we added a cup of milk for extra flavour and creaminess.
Separately, some rice soaked for 2 hours and a small broccoli was blanched. A pack of button mushrooms was cleaned and chopped.
Now it was time to put all together. In a wok, onions and garlic were sauteed in olive oil. As the onions turned translucent, we added the blanched broccoli and then after about 5 minutes, in went the mushrooms. The rice which had been soaked for over 2 hours was drained and was added to the wok and was throughly mixed with the vegetables. Then we added a good measure of Chantilli cabernet sauvignon. In the next 5 minutes, the rice absorbed the goodness of the wine. After a good stir, the thickened milky mushroom soup was poured into the wok. We left the wok covered for 20 minutes, leaving the broth to thicken further to sticky consistency.
And then the magic happened. As we uncovered the wok, the heady aromas said a great deal - the impenetrable fortress had been conquered and our flag was fluttering on top of it. 
The risotto was poured onto the plates and was garnished with halved cherry tomatoes and sprigs of holy basil.

And as Neeti took the first bite, I knew our first risotto was a delectable success!

1 comment:

Praveen Kumar said...

Congrats. Risotto can become quite tricky to make but glad u got it right :)

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