Sunday, August 25, 2013

Who Said Pizzas Are Junk Food? Part II

After convincing myself that pizzas aren't junk food, it was time to experiment further!
Yesterday's visit to Godrej Nature's Basket helped - we got pizza bases, pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes, holy basil and mushrooms!
A good measure of spinach was blanched to bright green perfection! Next, the pizza sauce was prepared - we used three tablespoons of pesto sauce and blended it with tomato-garlic sauce that we picked up from FabIndia! This sauce was spread on the pizza base. The blanched spinach was drained and a generous amount was spread on the base. 
Next, vegetables were topped over the spinach..... alongwith a decent amount of cheese....

Once the pizza was half done, fresh holy basil was placed on top..... And it tasted heavenly!!!!!!
Truly today was an Italian Sunday, risotto for lunch and pizza for dinner! Viva Italia!!!!

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