Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Haughty IndiGo Can't Say Sorry!

And I have been getting a flurry of phone calls from IndiGo.
A lady called Pratibha, who claims to be from the President's office called up yesterday. The lady, who did not reveal her designation and seniority in the organisation, was flippant and casual. Instead of paying attention to what I was saying, she kept saying "I can't hear you" and all that kind of crap.
When she finally did "hear" me, she went all out in defence of the staffers at Hyderabad.
When I took none of that, she volunteered to investigate and get back to me.
Again today, I received a call from Her Highness, Pratibha. This time, again, I was stunned by her haughtiness and arrogance. She refused to admit her airline's mistake and demanded that I give her my email to explain the matter.
On a repeated enquiry on what she would write in her email, she informed that she would say that I was wrong, my overnighter weighed 12.5 kilogrammes and not 7.5 kilogrammes and that the check-in staff were right.
She laughed when I said the only way my overnighter could weigh 12.5 kilogrammes is if I packed stones! It wasn't a joke!
She had no explanation for the behaviour for the tone and language the ground staff had used that "I could choose to be a no-show and take another airline that would accept my bag".
God! I had enough!
She refused to put in an apology in her email.
Today's Mint has Aditya Ghosh, standing in front of an IndiGo's Airbus A320, beaming on IndiGo's "reported" profits of Rs. 787 crore. How long would they have these kind of profits if they disregard basic courtesies and respect to the flier, that too a frequent flier.
In response to my blog, I got a message from a person called Abhijeeth Vijay who wrote "IndiGo is slowly gaining a lot of arrogance. We've seen what happens to arrogant airlines. One down, one in deep red. IndiGo must be extremely careful."
Another reader, Robert Dequadros wrote "Yesterday, Sept 23, a friend and his wife travelling from Delhi back to BLR had a lousy experience with the airline right from check in time staff to delays on board and delay in take off....and they have been very loyal to the airline...sad."
Clearly I am not alone.
IndiGo now appears to be a big sham - a LCC that operates at full service fares, where wigged stewardesses put up a masquerade, where basic respect is lacking and where arrogance overshadows the ability to sorry. I would not be surprised if they go-under soon, unless they leverage some political clout to stay afloat.
As for me, I have had enough of shit from IndiGo. I would never ever travel on IndiGo again and the word of mouth does spread fast. The loss is IndiGo's, which they may not realise as Aditya Ghosh and team are now revelling in their record profits.

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