Sunday, September 1, 2013

Who Said Pizzas Are Junk Food? Part III

We got a couple of thin crust, whole wheat pizza bases yesterday and it was time for our delectable and healthy pizza, albeit with a twist this time.
The usual ingredients that we are so love on our pizza were all there. But then we remembered of the aubergines with onions that had pickled away to deliciousness by now and the boquerones en vinegre that were very nicely cured by now.
Why not have these on our pesto, spinach and mushroom pizza?
The pickled aubergines and onions were chopped to bite-sized bits and went on to the pizza after the spinach was layered on the sauce-laden pizza base! And then went the boquerones!
After baking away the pizzas to crispy perfection for about 12 minutes, we dug in - I was so eager to devour the pizza that I forgot to click a pic! Neeti raved about the thin crust and that's when a Kellogs' commercial came on the television, where a kid cribbed "Who puts baingan in a pizza?"
And we burst out laughing! 
Laughter and spinach are truly good for health!

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