Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nanta And Other Charms Of Myeongdong...

If you've not visited Nanta Theatre, you've practically not seen Seoul. 
After a couple of very strong recommendations from our Korean friends, we headed to Myeongdong's Nanta Theatre after returning from Nami Island this evening.

The Nanta show also known as the Cookin’ Nanta show is a non-verbal comedy musical show that started in 1997. The show depicts a story of three cooks preparing a wedding banquet within tight deadlines while the manager brings in his incompetent nincompoop nephew to work in the kitchen. The show incorporates traditional samul nori rhythms performed with kitchen instruments, such as pots, cutting boards, water canisters and knives. 

The Nanta show blends in the storyline with acrobatics, tricks, comedy, pantomime and encourages participation of the audience. The performers skillfully unite the audience, Koreans or foreigners like us, in the universal language of laughter. The Nanta show was an incredibly unique experience for us, a truly unforgettable one!

Back on the streets of Myeongdong, it was time for a snack...

Who cares for veggies wrapped up in pork belly and grilled to a crunchy perfection...

Waiting for my order to be made - an agonizing wait indeed...
With food like this, who wouldn't fall in love with Korea?

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