Saturday, October 31, 2015

Seoul-ful Moments...

After a heavy dose of emotions at the DMZ earlier today, we need to chill. Once we were back in Seoul, the crazy crowds, the frenetic pace of life uplifted our mood. 
We roamed around Myeongdong for an hour or so, feeling the pulse of Seoul every moment. It is in places like these that one can actually feel the spirit of the city. And Seoul has lots of it. It throbs, it pulsates with an indescribable energy - you can feel that in every step you take in Seoul. And that energy literally makes you "flow" through with ease. 
That is why I would rate Seoul very high amongst the Asian cities I have visited, in fact would rate it at the very top (tied with Mumbai), followed by Georgetown, Taipei, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Beijing, Singapore, Shanghai and the last Kuala Lumpur. In fact I have come around to love Seoul a lot. 

And there are those weird moments, in Seoul, like this one, where I had a tough time figuring out why the heck would the lady wear a dress saying "Sick And Tired"...

And there are some delightful surprises around the corner as we discovered tonight - we figured out that a restaurant in Hanamdong serves dosas. There we had to go, for a taste of home, a taste of South Indian cuisines that Neeti and I are so crazy about...
Indeed, this amazing meal made me love Seoul even more!

1 comment:

Nisha Jha said...

Nice to know about Seoul, never been there. It's on my list.

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