Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Balloon

After a long hiatus, I was listening Rainbow 107.1 FM on my Kingliner stereo, while on my way to office.
It was Breakfree, and RJ Keisha, true to her inimitable style narrated a nice, inspirational story called "The Balloon".
A young black child stood watching a balloon man at a fair. There were balloons in all colors. Suddenly, a red balloon broke loose and soared high up into the air.
Many kids were attracted to the soaring balloon and the balloon man thought that it might be good business to let another one go.
So he let a bright yellow one float off into the sky. Then released a white one.
The little black child stood looking at a black balloon. Then, the child asked, "Hey, if you sent the black one up, would it go as high as the others?"
Stunned, the balloon man paused for a moment and then replied, with an understanding smile, "Sonny, it isn't the color. It's the stuff inside that makes it rise."
Be good, be genuine and your rise will be inevitable, though it be delayed a bit!

Thanks, Keisha for another wonderful story!

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