Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bombaypolis Moments.... Part 9

As we get ready to say adieu to our much loved, Lord Ganesh, tomorrow, I had to begin this post with Him, leading the way!
O really? Hangla's at Lokhandwala has the reputation of prioritising the orders of svelte and stylish women. I need to call 98204 38746!!!!

I always discover another India at Bombay Store, Fort!

A Tantra t-shirt on display at Bombay Store.... a lot less than all that defines the New India!

"Mom says no race,

Dad says no Babes,

But I have both craze!"

That perhaps is the newest India!

I knew of FedEx, but this was the first time I saw a ColdEx!

Hitching a ride!

That's what this lizard did, on my Kingliner's windscreen from home to Bandra-Kurla Complex - a good 12 kilometers!

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