Friday, September 24, 2010

People Are What You Think They Are!

I must admit, over 18 months back, I was quite despondent when we shifted office from Churchgate to Bandra-Kurla Complex.
But, every change brings with it, some or the other pleasant surprise.
Now, instead of taking the train, I drive to work, and naturally FM has to be on, on the way. In the process, I have developed a particular liking for some programmes and some RJs, for the music they air.
One of them is Keisha, who anchors Break Free on Rainbow 107.1 FM.
As I have written often, Keisha always narrates a short inspirational story, some thoughts to chew on, in her programme. I have also posted quite a few of her stories here on Rajeev's World.
Today morning, again, Keisha was on air, on Break Free.
And true to her style, she had a story to tell.
The story was titled "People Are What You Think They Are!"
It was about an old wise villager, who used to spend his day under the tree, and watch travellers pass by.
One day, a traveller stopped and got into a conversation with the wise old man. He told the old man that he planned to leave his village to resettle in the old man's village. He said he was sick of his fellow villagers, they were sick, selfish, sly and wily. He asked the old man, "How are the people in this village?"
"Here also, the people are crafty and wily!", the old wise man replied.
A few days later, another traveller asked the old man a similar question. He said "My village is a great place, great, nice and kind people. But I am looking to shift for better business prospects. How are the people here?"
"The people are absolutely great here. You would have no problems if you shift here." the old man replied.
It's all all about perspective. If you look at the world from a positive perspective, all you would get is positivity.

It's because, people are what you think they are!

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True.Think positive and spread positive energy.I thing it's the underlying message in most rituals in cultures.Feng Shui stresses it.So does Arya Samaj.All.Good idea.

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