Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bombaypolis Moments.... Part 8

Early morning GF A330 arrival from Muscat at CSI Airport.

After Air-India shifts its hub to Delhi's T3, will Bombay remain India's aviation hub, that is a big question.

The Grand Old Lady of our megapolis stands there proudly, seeing the city go by!

Crawford Market, said to be a shopper's paradise. I have been in the city for nearly 7 years now, but still haven't been there. There's still a lot to discover....

Jhakas Khao Piyo Bindas - noticed this roadside eatery with this interesting name at the Dharavi Link Road quite a few times,but this was the first I could manage a reasonable photograph...

Lighting up India's economy - ICICI Bank Towers at Bandra-Kurla Complex!

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