Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Am Back!!!!

I am back!!!
I have successfully poxed out the pox in barely two weeks.
Two weeks of sedated listlessness was crazy indeed. I somewhere lost the orientation of time and space, knowing fully well that I had to stay put at home.
Now this is something I am looking forward to - getting back to the grind - the rushed early mornings, a quick breakfast, a dash to my Kingliner and a frenetic drive to office, with Rainbow 107.1 FM keeping me sane.

And I am raring to go, raring to get back to office.
Today, I finally took a bath, after a gap of two weeks - I had specifically been asked by my doctor to avoid it as it could rupture the boils, risking an infection.

Man, this is luxury - I said to myself as I had a bath today! The very feel of water gushing down my skin, carrying with it all the sweaty-ness was an uplifting feeling, a state of bliss.

I finally shaved my face today - it was something like a bearded fakir getting out of the jungle and getting civilised! Now I can finally caress my cheeks, without the prickly feel of facial hair!
I am back!!!!

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