Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chase The Inner Beauty

On short early morning hike at Lonavala last week, I headed to a vantage point near the expressway exit, overlooking a deep gorge. The Monsoons had triggered seasonal waterfalls, which when falling in the midst of the lush green foliage looked absolutely stunning. Clouds were floating in and out. The whole atmosphere was quite misty and magical.
As it was getting late for my training, unwilling I forced myself to head back. That's when I stumbled upon an unusual boulder, about 8 centimeters across and 5 centimeters wide. I picked it up - it was obviously a volcanic rock. I picked it up out of curiousity and examined it. 

This piece appeared to be a part of a larger rock, which was sliced through. While on the the exterior, the rock was ugly, craggy, very rough - yellow-pale brown, with the characteristic holes that the cooling lava left behind, the cross-section was glassy and crystalline, with patterns running through which looked quite stunning. 
I stood still appreciating this beautiful creation of Nature thinking had it not been for the interior, I would have dismissed this rock as ugly and ordinary. It was only for the exposed inner cross-section that I picked it up. 
Isn't it obvious that a rough exterior hides a lot? Don't we need to see the inner beauty too? 
It is indeed tragic that we miss the internal beauty of each personality and go straight ahead with the impressions that the superficial exterior creates. That's our own loss.
Rather, our lives would be more rewarding if we chase the inner beauty!

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