Monday, July 16, 2012

Plane Spotting at HYD

Of all Indian airports, I have found the new airport at Hyderabad the best for a plane spotter. The airside of the terminal building gives an unhindered view of the runway as well as the taxiway.
I was at Hyderabad last week, transiting on the way to Rajahmundry and back. The stopover was for an hour, good enough for me to get trigger-happy!

An IndiGo A320 gets ready to dock with the aerobridge

A Jet Airways Boeing 737 comes in...

An IndiGo A320 taxiing...

It was an Arabian morning at HYD. A Saudi Arabian Boeing 777 had been there all through, while an Emirates Airbus A330 came in a shortwhile later...

On my return from Rajahmundry, thanks to a delay by Jet Airways, I got an extra hour to grab a few more pictures.

An Oman Air Boeing 737 comes in.... 

That's my flight, 9W 2115, delayed by over an hour! Jet Airways, at its very best!

We were made to stand in the aerobridge as "cleaning" was still in progress [sic]!!!! 
That was a good opportunity to grab this magnificent IndiGo A320!

The pushback truck's in place. Did you know that airplanes are virtually helpless when they have to move back. They have no reverse gear!. These trucks despite their small size have sufficient power to pushback a heavy Boeing 747 as well!

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