Sunday, July 8, 2012

Images from Dev Bhoomi

About a month back, I visited Mussoorie, on the foothills of the Himalayas. Despite being a very short trip, the beauty of the place enthralled me. 
But Uttarakhand, the 'Dev Bhoomi' or Abode of the Gods, has many other attractions, that are beautiful creations of Nature. I hope I can visit them soon!
Till that time comes, I am living with memories of this short trip to Mussoorie!

The pine stood tall and looks quite imposing!

An old colonial bungalow with a long winding road!

The air was fresh, the view pretty!

Oh, what a beauty!

The warmth of afternoon sunlight filters in!

Imposing silhouettes...

Reminds me of Kenny Rogers' Evening Star:

..... You can see the loneliness I mean and if I gotta fight
I will never play somebody else's game
I can follow the evening star
Starlight, you never need somebody else's name
If you follow the evening star...

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