Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ni Hao (你好), Los Angeles!

Amidst the all pervasive gloom, I came across a real heartwarming story in a recent edition of the Asian Wall Street Journal.
The story spoke of a 3-month old kitten that made its way from Shanghai, China to Los Angeles in the United States as a stowaway in a container. After the container was offloaded at the Los Angeles port, it was delivered to Compton County, where the kitten was discovered. 
As per established convention, the kitten was promptly put into quarantine by Los Angeles County animal control officers, who named the little creature "Ni Hao", or Hello in Mandarin!
Such is the endurance of life that the little kitten survived a journey of over 11,000 kilometers through the Pacific without food or drink.
If Ni Hao had the will to endure, I am sure so do we. 
We only need to rediscover that will within ourselves.

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