Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Sunday Siesta

Sunday siestas, though a welcome break, bring back a lot of old memories.
Today after a rather heavy brunch and doing a quick read of the newspapers, I turned in, into the bed watching some stupid dance competition on television.
God knows when I fell asleep.
And I drifted into my childhood in my dreams. I was in bed at home, again a Sunday afternoon. The golden rays of the sun filtered in from the west. Papa was struggling to wake me up - telling me that Mom was almost done with Halwa and tea. The sweet fragrant smell of Halwa was wafting in the air.
Delighted at the thought of having Halwa, I was transported from my dreamland to here, Mumbai!
Sigh, it was just a dream - folks are a thousand kilometers away and there's no Halwa here!


gunjan kumar said...

oh sweet halwa...i started feeling homesickness too.

Unknown said...

good post…

Neelima said...

It used to be halwa, and upma on some days. I also remember you making it so often! Miss it!

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