Saturday, August 25, 2012

Muting the Tweeting Bird

Imagine walking down a wooded lane. All you'll hear is the incessant chirping of birds. Now imagine yourself on Net. The incessant chatter of Twitter follows you here. It's short, it's quick, it's fun, it's exciting being on Twitter.

But it's serious business too. I have interacted with my service providers on Twitter to get an speedy resolution of complaints. Tata Sky was the best - I got a phone call within minutes of tweeting in complaint and the matter was closed within 2 days. That's really good.
Eureka Forbes too was good and fast in resolving my complaint on Twitter.
Tata DoCoMo was bad, but Jet Airways has the ignominy of being the worst in responding to me on Twitter, their responses smacking of arrogance and aloofness!
But then Twitter is really fun when tweeters parody as our politicians. That makes me go back to my Twitter timeline hour after after hour!
Foreign personalities parodied on Twitter - Henry Kissinger and General Kayani are quite funny, so is the parody of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the legendary Indian stockbroker.
When the fear psychosis spread amongst North Easterners broke out over the past few days, Twitter was blamed, so were mobile text messages and other virtual media for spreading rumours like wildfire.
That as we all know was used to muzzle the parodies. The real culprits behind the fear psychosis must still be lurking out there somewhere.
But who cares?
The politicians, all so very self-serving and lethargic, saw this as a golden opportunity to cut all the "crap" about them online and sprung promptly into action. The bottomline - our politicians can't tolerate any criticism and just don't have any sense of humour.
But just as you can't stop the birds from chirping, you can't choke the very essence of free speech on Twitter!

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