Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Thoughts on Independence Day...

This Independence Day comes after an interesting event, the London Olympics.
After the depressing 80s and 90s, India performed wonderfully well at this edition of the Games, beating all expectations back home. Why India has performed better is simple - individual performances were stellar, but we failed in team-based events. Personal excellence overshadowed the overall objectives of the team. That's true at Indian workplaces also. The Olympics is a manifestation of why Indians excel in all spheres, but teams fail.
On this Independence Day we do need to introspection as to why we, Indians, value personal excellence and achievement more than the country's. Perhaps, that will help us grow as a nation.
I was particularly disturbed when certain lumpen elements started targeting my countrymen from the North East in retaliation for the attacks the Rohingyas have faced in Buddhist dominated Myanmar or local violence in Assam. Indians with Mongoloid features are not Myanmarese or "Chinkis", they are fellow Indians, my brothers and sisters who have every right to each grain of this country's soil, as you do and as I do. Not respecting a fellow Indian and infringing a fellow citizen's rights should be severely punished.
Let's not forget, Mary Kom who belongs to the North East brought us glory at the Olympics. Why were we proud to call it an Indian achievement if we can't treat citizens from her areas with respect.
We have already forgotten the persecution of Kashmiri Pandits. Let's not let this violence against North Easterners continue anymore.
We can only call ourselves as Indians only if we respect our fellow countrymen, else we ought to get lost in hell.
News of horrific tales of Pakistani Hindus trying to legitimately cross the border into India have been coming in. My heart bled at their plight. Hindus have been terrorised in that demonic shitty state. Hindu girls have been kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted. Hindus can't think of progressing in that state. They are not allowed to practise their vocation. Their meagre possessions are taken away by force, yet they get no legal succor. It's time our government stood up, gathered some courage and called a spade a spade and did some plain speak on the plight of Pakistani Hindus.
Look at Israel. Any Jew in any part of the world can call Israel home. Ethiopian Jews, numbering over 20,000 were airlifted to Israel in three operations - Operation Moses, Operation Joshua and Operation Solomon. Similarly a million Soviet Jews made their Aliyah to Israel.
Why does India shy away from openly supporting Pakistani Hindus? Why can't the government grant them a free, unfettered and unconditional right of asylum in India?
Let's think of these basics and truly make our country independent of these ills!

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