Sunday, March 3, 2013

Enjoy The Rainbow, While It Lasts!

Its 3AM, and despite my best effort to force myself to grab a few winks, I am woefully unable to.
I am kind of drawing up the balance sheet of my life as on date, desperately trying to figure out what all I have "earned" so far and what all I need to "pay back" to this world before I leave the earth.
And then it dawned on me that there is hell lot of stuff yet to be done to soothe my soul. There's certainly more to life than a "9 to 5" grind or, more aptly, a "9 to 9" grind. While that grind does give one a lot, both in terms of a sense of achievement (at the apex of Maslow's hierarchy) and a living at the very base, that's not just it.
It's just not enough.
I have come to realise that there is a thin line between a success and an addiction to the "9 to 5", which in itself is a malaise as serious as alcoholism and substance abuse.
However, the tragedy of today's era is this addiction is seen as a virtue and extolled, but comes at a huge cost to one's physical and mental well-being.
If success is defined by a big fat pay package or jet setting lifestyle, then why is stress on the rise?
There's certainly more to life than that.
Perhaps we are too focused on the end result, that elusive pot of gold that is believed to be buried at the end of the shortlived rainbow rather than passionately enjoying the sight of the beautiful rainbow itself.
The other day on the way to work, HrishiKay of 94.3 Radio One had Robin Sharma on air, who spoke about doing stuff passionately.
Perhaps that's a lesson. Be proud of onseself. Do what you do with such a passion as though today were your last day on earth. Love your family unconditionally and share each moment of joy with them - they are the ones who will miss you long after you're gone, though in contrast your organisation may just forget you. 
Follow your dreams, bit by bit, instead of waiting for that one big elusive opportunity. Be yourself - your success has no damned meaning if you can't be yourself!
Enjoy the rainbow, while it lasts, for you don't know when you'll see it again!

1 comment:

Sanjay Rozario said...

Well written Rajeev. Personally, I'm completely in sync with the last para, yet I don't live it. But your article has really provoked me again

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