Sunday, March 10, 2013

Relearning Patience...

Neeti showed me this heartwarming video yesterday, of a cute little pup trying to climb down a few stairs. The little pup dreaded coming down - it was too little and the stair was quite 'high'.
The pup kept looking, attempted the dreaded next step, hesitated and went back.
Then the pup's mom went right up, and then climbed down, showing the little pup how to do it. The pup was still hesitant.
Then the mother went up to patiently and lovingly nudge the pup down. But the pup succeeded only when it overcame its fear. And the pup's mom, was there encouraging it when it actually started moving down.
Wow! I was overwhelmed! Even animals have emotions, feelings, they know to encourage, build confidence!
As humans, we hesitate, we need to be nudged, yet we can succeed only when we overcome the fear that is in us (I remember how I was taught how to ride a bicycle by my folks). The mother's patience is also so reminiscent of how humans interact with their little ones.
Of all qualities, perhaps patience is what we need most, and what I need to imbibe within me..... the pup and its mom taught me that!

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