Friday, April 12, 2013

Cast Away!

Thirteen years back I saw this amazing movie. Despite the time that has passed, I still cannot get it out of my mind. 
Yes, Cast Away is forever etched in my mind.
The movie is all about a Federal Express employee, Chuck Noland, a role played to utmost perfection by Tom Hanks. Chuck is marooned on an island after his plane crashes into the ocean. Far away from his home, his love, and any human contact, Chuck is tested to the hilt - mentally, physically and emotionally in order to survive. He constantly engages in a battle of wits with himself all along. 
For emotional support and companionship, Chuck clings on to his inanimate companion, Wilson, a volleyball that is washed ashore from the debris of the crash.

And today I realised that his name, C. Noland, could literally also be "see no land", perhaps to convey the protagonist's despair!

The emotions that Chuck experienced at that beautiful island paradise in the Pacific are no different than what  we sometimes experience in our lives.
While we may have a modern lifestyle with amenities and conveniences do we really enjoy them? How many times do we "see no land"? Don't we get tossed and turned around in torrents and avalanches that the environment thrusts down on you? Don't we sometimes feel like castaways and cling on to our very own "Wilsons" for support?
Chuck moved on, so would the rest of us! 
And for my dose of inspiration, I will watch Cast Away again, when I reach home tonight!


RAN IN JAN said...

it was a very nice movie. I too love it. before modernization we humans used to live like that. hardships are constant..

Anonymous said...

I love the CNoland bit. Never thought of that trivia.

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