Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Joy Of Gluttony!

I just woke up with a nightmare!
In my dream I was looking for a specific kind of sherry to go into some kind of a gourmet channa (chickpea) recipe, an Indian recipe, of course.
Weird dream! Which Indian recipe uses alcohol in its preparation?
Then began my travails...
Off I left on a sojourn to Godrej Nature's Basket in Cuffe Parade. The quest for the elusive sherry did not end there.
I was desperate. Desperate times called for desperate measures. I had to get my sherry. Even if it meant a 30 kilometer ride to the suburbs!
Then it was HyperCity in Malad. No luck. That was nightmarish!
And then Food Hall at Palladium, Pheonix High Street, Lower Parel.... after longish (endlessly seeming) ride up an escalator, I finally reached Food Hall. 
After numerous distractions (read: gourmet cuts and cured meats - oops! We are on the Navratras, nine long endless days and nights when even thinking of non vegetarian delights is sacrilege. Man, these are the toughest nine days, no not even eggs!) I finally found my sherry.
That's when I was woken up with a jolt!
Yes, gluttony is a vice, a delightful and harmless vice! A vice unlike others, quite harmless, yet quirky and very much unoffensive and perhaps! 
That's the joy of gluttony!

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