Monday, April 20, 2009

Can you beat that?

Though I haven't done many of these goof-ups in the past, they do happen. And while they do have a very high potential to cause a major embarrassment, they can also be quite interesting, leading to some comical solutions.
A similar situation occurred yesterday. Neeti and I were scheduled to attend a party in the evening. Being an exceptionally warm and humid day, we had to take a couple of showers through the day to stay cool!
And so, before we left home, we took our showers, decked ourselves up nattily, thought we were smelling good, looking smart, etc. etc.!
True to the conditions set forth for me, I had to drive. Moved out of home, and got on the New Link Road - surprisingly, there was little traffic for a Sunday evening. And in o time we reached the JP Road crossing - the signal was red and we stopped. And then came the shocker - I looked at myself in the rear view mirror and realised what a fool I was! I forgot to SHAVE!!!!!! I felt like such a fool!
Knowing what was around the corner, I very carefully modulated my voice, tried not looking into Neeti's eyes and said "Neeti, I forgot to shave!"
The reaction was cool and measured - perhaps she had given up on me, trying to persuade to shave on the weekends. The argument I used to counter her in such situations was that Abhishek Bachchan doesn't seem to shave, does Aishwarya seem to complain? No! So you could very well accept. After all, you are a big fan of his!
Grudgingly, Neeti said "Forget it, let's continue anyways!"
Afraid to embarrass her, I said I would shave anyway. She suggested we turn back. Now that would have meant getting an hour late, which was not ideal.
Eureka, a brilliant idea struck me like a bolt through the blue. I told Neeti, that would love me for the rest of my life for this damn thing that I was going to do.
Accelerated towards DN Nagar and pulled over by the grocery stores, opposite the DN Nagar police station. And then I made a dash towards the closest grocery store - picked up a Gillette Presto and a small bottle of Aquafina.
Rushed back to the car, moistened my face with, yes, Aquafina, and quickly wrapped up the act, in the dimming light. And you can't imagine the glances I got from passers-by - kids were giggling, boys laughing, girls looking at me with disdain and Aunties looking at me suspiciously as if were going for a clandestine rendezvous with girl beside me in the car!!!! Arrrgh!
But it ended up being my finest shave.
And the Lady was impressed - can you beat that?

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