Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Tamasha will go on....

With elections nearly half-way through, The Great Indian Tamasha gets even more interesting.

These days, with the way the heat is in Bombay, my sleep is quite disturbed. But just as dawn approaches, I doze off into a deep slumber, hoping to catch a few winks before the grind. And then - 5.30 AM, my mobile phone buzzes feverishly, waking me up, in an irritating mood - guess what? It's Raj Thackeray's MNS messaging me, imploring me to vote for them. It is amazing - I am not a manoos and still they feel I have something valuable for them - my god-damn vote! Till the elections are on, I guess, I don't need my alarm - I can certainly count on Raj to wake me up.

Now I feel these guys have got afflicted by some kind of amnesia - the selective type of amnesia. Weren't they the same guys who wanted us, the non-manoos people out of the city, a few months back?

Talking of amnesia, there is another kind of amnesia which has afflicted the politicians - Laloo, the joker of the pack gave amnesia a creative twist when he said that it was the Congress which actually demolished the Babri. He may be right - the cameras must have caught Congress partymen in fancy-dress - the saffron ones, they are the masters of deception after all, right?

Coming to the grand old man in a hurry, Mr. Advani, who till November 2008, vehemently opposed the nuclear deal with the United States, suddenly said that if voted to power, he would abide by the sovereign commitment Dr. Manmohan had made. Mr. Advani, didn't you want the deal all along? It is indeed surprising that you opposed it in the first place. That Mr. Advani, is what I call taking the politics of convenience to a new level.

And Mr. Munnabhai suddenly proclaims his love for the Behenji - a love replete with offers of jhappis and pappis. Is Manyata divorcing Sanjay Dutt that he had no option but to tell the world about his lovey-dovey feelings for the Behenji? I wonder what Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh would have thought of that, given that she is their sworn-enemy of sorts.

Who can forget Mr. Karunanidhi, when he says on air that the LTTE is not a terrorist organisation. With a clean "non-terrorist" certificate from Karunanidhi, shouldn't we welcome Prabhakaran into India? Going by that logic, Pakistan is doing just the right thing.

Amidst all this cacophony, we have the Behenji, who finds that she's going unnoticed, suddenly says she deserves to be the next Prime Minister, given her background, etc. etc. Perhaps she has concluded some horsetrading deals already, that could take her home.

And shoes continue to be in fashion. A village in Uttar Pradesh had a shoe hitting practice organised recently so that they don't miss their targets the next time around. Does any one need old shoes? Please contact me, I am thinking of discarding some old shoes very soon and surely before the polls are over. I would love to donate my shoes for this noble and worthy cause!

The TRPs of the Indian Premier League are not as great - this is being attributed to this Tamasha. But they have a lot to worry - their TRPs could fall further, as the we have a couple of more weeks of this Tamasha left and it will get better by the day, as results get announced and horse-trading begins!

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