Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will we ever mature?

There are moments in history which are points of inflection.... when the attitudes change for the positive to help the nation emerge stronger, confident and unified.

It's well known that most of us, common Indians, thought that the 26/11 attacks on Bombay was such an event that would define our destiny.

But it seems that we are back to square one.

Just today, there was this news of a likely fidayeen hijack threat at all airports. Heightened security is the highlight of the day with panic all over. Chidambaram quickly goes on air to say that it's a false alarm and before we realise. Is he required to say all that so soon? Couldn't that have been a red herring?

And our media trumpets this news on the headlines, as a cheap thrill! Can't the media be more mature and show a little more restraint? This is really too much.

And then, our cricked crazed population was up in the arms when the government did not permit Lalit Modi to proceed with the Indian Premier League (IPL). Mr. Modi who went cribbing about this decsion should realise that IPL isn't larger than the nation. Was that maturity?

I think that was a brilliant decision on the part of the government. Look at this - the Taliban are knocking on our doors and we need not only defend borders, provide internal security but also let the elections happen peacefully, to ensure that policy making - on the security and economic front doesn't come to a standstill. In such a volatile scenario, can we let the security apparatus get distracted by some IPL happening around the country? Maybe India would lose some revenue from the IPL this year, but we would be better off by having a peaceful election in the months to come. It's a pity we, as a society, are not mature enough to realise that.

And then, to top it all, Chidambaram terms communalism as the root cause of all terrorism. And the old man in a hurry (to become Prime Minister), Mr. Advani, is quick to give a scathing reply back. we are being done in by these petty politicians. Isn't it high time for all these grand old men to act mature and send out a signal that we stand as one against terror rather than blame each other. Let's not forget that it was Chidambaram's gang that supported the LTTE and Bhindrawale. And everyone knows who unleashed terror on the streets of Delhi in 1984 after Mrs. Indira Gandhi was assassinated. And wasn't it Mr. Advani's party's duty to soften the cherub Varun's statements? Is this what we call political maturity?

I suspect our inflection point is yet to come.... that would force us to mature as a society...


Unknown said...

well written

Unknown said...

Not only well written, its a well observed and a focussed write up.
___ Sad about media is that they address gangsters as don although these so called dons/terrorists always fire from back and that too at innocent un-armed people in cowardly manner. We must suggest the media somehow to use cheap terms for these gangsters or terrorists so that young people who are joining them everyday (to get killed at last)do not get attracted, looking towards them as their heros.
___Whatever you may say but Mr Advani must be given a chance. And with Modi, Shiv Raj Singh and Nitish by his side he will not be a faliure and not let us repent.
___Indian villagers vote congress either out of sympathy or emotional attachment to that family. And people in slums also vote for them as they know that they help them stay there and cannot think beyond.
___today Delhi has more un-approved colonies than planned ones-courtesy Congress and people in these colonies always vote for them.
___if Congress would have performed they would not need the special family's stamp always to win the elections.
___ and rahul always sounds foolish. So who is there in Congress after Mr Manmohan Singh. Now we need performers and not just cunning spokespersons which Congress has in plenty.

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