Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shoes Are In Fashion!

Sometime back when Bush was hit by shoe during a press conference in Iraq, we thought it was a one off incident.

But this week, we had two shoe-throwing incidents at home, which shows that this is as viral a phenomena as globalisation.

So when Mr. Chidambaram had a shoe hurled at him, people couldn't wonder thinking which brand it was? A Reebok? An Addidas? Anti-globalisation activists must surely be happy - it was very own, home-grown, desi, Action shoe.

And the size, I wonder what that was. Bush was quick to observe that was a No. 10 shoe. But poor Chidambaram , unlike Bush, he barely showed any wit!!! Guess its because it has been ages since he's worn a shoe. He after all prefers chappals, with his lungis! He seems to be woefully out of touch with shoe sizes and brands.

Certainly, with elections just around the corner, there will be many shoe-hurling opportunities coming our way. Which means that this is boomtime for the shoe-making industry with a good domestic potential. And the export market is also huge - global hotspots like Iraq, Gaza, West Bank, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, etc. should be on the shoe-makers' radar screens for exports.

And with such a huge global market for low-cost shoe-makers in India, Mr. Chidambaram and his cabinet colleagues better announce an incentive package for shoe-makers and exporters. There will be many "anti" voices, many would petition the Election Commission that is violation of the election code of conduct.

But in this recession, which other industry has such a great potential?

That's why I say, shoes are back in fashion, as the new WMDs (I meant Weapons of Mass Defiance!!!). Thank Jarnail Singh for that!

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