Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Love that Never Was

She walked into my life,
With a face that beamed with a radiance brighter than that of the sun.
With a warmth, that made my heart glow as bright as the sun.
She touched my heart like no one had.
Her voice soothed my innerself.

Together we moved a little while....
With that extra spring in every step.
It all seemed so bright and sunny.
The day would never end, it seemed.
'Till eternity, we'll walk together, hand in hand!'
My face lit up at this thought.

A moment later,
Vanished she was without a trace.
My lonesome heart trembled.
A tear-drop from my eye
Fell to the parched earth below.

I walked on.....
For life had to be lived.
Little did I know....
Where my tear fell,
There grew a shrub of red roses.
Red Roses of the Love that Never Was.

1 comment:

Aryasindhu Sahu said...

Love is eternal, a devotion that never ceases, be it something alive or a dried leaf of summer dreams. Your love is always there in you, be it for the lady of your imagination or the shrub of red roses that you teared out.

Loved the way you explain, hats off.

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