Sunday, September 23, 2012

Amoureuse - Loving Life!

Sometimes life has a strange way of telling you things that we fail to realise.
There has been a musical piece that is being played inflight on Jet Airways that I have particularly liked. The piece was very soothing, calming and mesmerizing. On my recent trip to Hyderabad, the composition was played again - it all seemed ethereal against the backdrop of the brilliant blue sky that lay outside my window, absolutely mesmerizing!

On landing, I Shazamed the piece (Shazam is a mobile phone application to tag and identify soundtracks) - the piece that had mesmerized me for so long turned out to be Amoureuse, a instrumental rendition by the French musician, Franck Pourcel.
Originally Amoureuse was sung by the stunningly pretty French singer, Véronique Sanson in her 1972 album of the same name. Later, Kiki Dee came out with an English version of the song.

Ever since I returned back home to Mumbai, I have been listening to Franck Pourcel's instrumental rendition of Amoureuse. True to its meaning "being in love", Amoureuse reminds me to fall in love all over again, with life, it reminds me of the beauty that is all all around, that I so often fail to see, waiting to be appreciated. Amoureuse calms me, soothes my soul, leaves me in deep thought, takes me to a different world!
Even as I am writing this, Amoureuse is playing in the background!

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