Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life In The Slow Lane

Years ago, the city of Mumbai or Bombay conjured up magical images in my mind - of life in the fast lane, of unfettered opportunities, of glitz, of glamour, of money and wealth.
Then when I moved to this city, some people I knew were envious, some openly, some secretly. But surely I was happy.
Over the last 8 years, I have witnessed the city literally go down the drain. A road commute that used to take 30 minutes way back then now takes over 90 minutes. A single, moderately heavy shower is enough to cause the damage. The roads look as though they were carpet bombed. Perhaps roads in war-ridden Kabul are better than in India's richest city.
All this thanks to the very corrupt civic bodies where officials fill their pockets endlessly.
Imagine the amount of precious fuel that's wasted, when gears in cars just move between 1 and 2 though sometimes, you would be lucky to go up to 3. I wonder if anyone gave it a thought that fuel is simply burnt away, what a colossal and criminal waste of precious resource.
Trust me I am questioning the raison d'être of my being in this city, where everything - infrastructure, morals and civic sense is just crumbling away. But it seems that till I move out, I am condemned to life in the slow lane!

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