Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Don't Want Nirvana! I Want Great Food, Always! -- Part XIII - An Exotic Meal AT KHH!

I never thought meals in an airport could be exotic. But this evening's meal at Kaohsiung Aiport at the fag end of our Taiwan sojourn has a different story to tell!
Since our flight to Incheon was delayed by over 2 hours, we were offered a complimentary meal at an airport restaurant - Hómee Kitchen. After a longish round of Plane Spotting while Neeti did extensive window-shopping, we reached Hómee Kitchen on the concourse and scanned the menu. This looked pretty exciting and definitely much better than any airport lounge. 
So it was Hómee Kitchen for us today!!!!  

Hómee Kitchen was teeming with people, most of them were our co-passengers traveling on board EVA Air BR172 to Incheon...

Neeti chose a vegetarian set meal with a vegetable tofu gravy...
The clear vegetable soup was rather nice and hearty...

But I chose a chicken set meal that came with fish ball soup. The best thing in both the meals was pickled lotus steam was sweet, sour and crunchy!

The pièce de résistance of my meal was a plate of braised pig's ears - extremely flavourful, succulent and delectable. I bet I never had anything like this before...
That was pretty exotic for me, as it was the first time I was having them. I salute the 7 odd pigs who sacrificed their ears for me!

What a way to say Goodbye to Taiwan! This trip ended up becoming a culinary journey I will never forget and I cried out "I Don't Want Nirvana! I Want Great Food, Always!"

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