Friday, December 4, 2015

A Taste Of India...

The journey of our lives brought us to Songdo a few months month, and what followed thereafter was a series of incredible experiences - some bitter, some sweet and the biggest majority were those that pleasantly surprised us.
One of the things that amazed us about this place was the number and variety of restaurants around this city of nearly 75,000 - restaurants of all kinds - cuisines from all over the world. And to top it all, this city has two Indian places as well. We went to one, but that was a disaster - the food was far from anything vaguely resembling Indian - it was sweet and far too spicy.
And then we chanced upon the other one - Swagat!

The biggest surprise of all - Swagat is owned by a charming Korean lady, a self-confessed Indophile who has visited India a number of times and particularly loves Varanasi - the oldest living city in the world!

The restaurant is replete with Indian motifs...

And the food - it is as authentic as it can be in any neighbourhood restaurant in Delhi! What a satisfying experience to have a taste of India, right in the heart of Songdo...

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