Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our Interesting Visitor In Airai...

After the hearty meal at Koror's Taj, we drove back to our hotel in Airai to see unusally high excitement levels in the lobby. 
The lobby is the only place in the hotel that has wifi internet connectivity, which has been awfully slow all the time that we've been here. That is quite understandable given the remoteness of Palau and limited connectivity infrastructure with the outside world.
And the lobby always teems with guests in the desperate hope to hook on to the internet and connect with social media or check emails, no matter how poor the bandwidth is.
And then we discovered that a crab had somehow found its way 600 metres away from the sea into the lobby of the hotel and was frantically running around on the wooden flooring.

Not able to figure out its way bay, the crab was desperate. But then a hotel staff, a Filipino, came with a stick. The crab held on to the stick with its claws and was led out to the sea to its freedom!
The crab was indeed an interesting distraction for hotel guests and was indeed a welcome distraction from the awfully slow internet... 

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