Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015...

And finally we are here today, the last day of an eventful year, an year called 2015.
As I sit by the window, watching the last sunset of this year on a freezing evening - 5 degrees below zero, flashbacks of the highlights of the year are running on in my mind.

This year had been a landmark year for us marked with major events and most importantly memories that will remain vivid for a lifetime.
The incredible travels that we undertook this year took us far and wide and brought us in touch with exciting new cultures and food that will make our taste buds tingle forever. The incredible people we met in our journeys touched our hearts and our souls in unimaginable ways. Though we are far apart, we do feel a sense of oneness with them.

And then this year, we shifted base and moved out to Korea. Setting up base here was an experience in itself and definitely wasn't easy afterall we were so emotionally connected to our home in Mumbai, a nest that we had built after years of struggle!
The challenges here were significant - new way of life, a new culture, a new language and indeed a lot does get lost in translation. Even though a translation app comes in handy, there are quite a few comical moments that we come across!
And we look forward to a new year, the sun dawning on 2016, a year in which we have a lot to do, so help us God!

1 comment:

magiceye said...

Best wishes in your new endeavour!

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