Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sulang, Ak Morolung, Belau...

Now is the moment when I feel lucky and sad at the same time, that too with good reason.
After three incredible fun-filled days we are headed back to Incheon from thus lovely paradise called Palau. I am happy that we got a chance to visit Palau, which had been on my bucket-list for a long time now. But I was sad that I could be here only for 3 days - I wished it was a bit more - something like a week, with Peleliu also thrown in into the itinerary.
But there is always a next time.

As we cleared immigration and security, I noted that the immigration stamps told a story of Palau - the stamp was shaped like a jellyfish, the kinds we had seen at the Jellyfish Lake, the lake we had visited day before yesterday!
The staff here at the airport were amazingly friendly - the immigration officer wore colourful Hawaiian shirt, which seemed to be the immigration uniform around here! Wow! This is called living life king-size, island-style! And he wished that we visit again! That is indeed great!
There is a certain degree of simplicity and genuineness that is associated with geographical isolation. And that comes out in the friendliness and humility of not only Palauans like Leiner but also immigrants like Robert Scaria of the Taj or the Filipino hotel staff at Airai!  
It won't be long before we are back here! Till then, Sulang, Ak Morolung, Belau or Tank You and Goodbye, Palau...

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