Saturday, December 26, 2015

Exploring Koror... Part II

With a few hours to spare and not wanting to spend the rest of the evening in the hotel, we thought it was wise to get back to Koror, and see first-hand city-life, island-style!

Koror city is bisected by the Main Street and much of city-life is centered around this spine. Along the Main Street, you would find a mall (WCTC Shopping Center), a supermarket (Surangel's), numerous restaurants, hotels and tour shops...

We walked into WCTC for some souvenir shopping and then crossed the Main Street to Surangel's...

Surangel's was teeming with people doing their post-Christmas shopping. There was a festive atmosphere around here and people looked really happy. Perhaps there is something in island life that keeps you happy!

And we were surprised to see turmeric from India on sale here!

And I almost rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I saw packaged food from ITC's Kitchens of India on sale in Surangel's! Wow, India's soft power is coming right here into the heart of the Pacific!

We stopped by at a cafe - Coffee Berry right door, simply because it offered free wifi to its patrons. Run by a friendly Taiwanese, we ordered a coffee and quickly got on to our Whatsapps!

I must say the coffee was pretty good, but the internet speed sucked all the battery life in our phones. So we spent time enjoying Coffee Berry's quotes on coffee...

Indeed yes...

I cannot disagree...

O wow! Biryani in Koror! Life can't get better than this, especially seeing India's  India's soft power in a free-flow here...

The good thing about eating out in Palau is you get to be treated like a royal. We walked into Suriyothai, a Thai restaurant on the Main Street, which is no different in this respect. The staff was extremely friendly and eager to help. Our orders came barely 10 minutes which is great by all standards. The food was very very delicious! Overall, would rate Suriyothai very highly!

And it was finally time to head back to Airai!

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