Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are You A Redwood?

There is nature all around us trying to give us a message, that we barely have had the time to understand and get that message.
That's what I realised today, when I attended a training programme on self-development today. The programme was kicked off with a beautiful illustration of the Redwood trees of California that survive for thousands of years and grow as high as 30-storied buildings.
(I remembered reading about the Redwoods in the "Tell Me Why" books that my parents gifted me, when I was a kid!!!)
What makes the Redwoods so formidable, so huge?
What ensures their longevity?
The answer lies in their roots deep below the ground, that anchor them strongly to the earth. Their roots intertwine with each other creating a robust support structure that allows them to grow tall and live long.
Similarly, our character that defines us, from within, has to be well grounded, well anchored for us, humans, to rise, to survive long and be strong!
How true, I thought!
When I came back home, I could not stop myself from getting on Wikipedia and finding out more about the Redwoods.
What I read online was even more impressive and inspiring.
The Redwoods have developed a resistance to decay, insects and forest fires. They withstand earthquakes, despite California being on a major faultline.
All this because their roots so intertwined that they have been able to evolve mechanisms to fight pests. The intertwining gives them the strength to survive earthquakes.
And this was even more remarkable. There are categories of Redwoods called the Albino Redwoods, completely devoid of chlorophyll, yet they also survive, live and grow to a fifth of that normal Redwoods do.
Albinism, the internet tells me exists in other plant species as well, but they don't live long.
But, the Redwoods are different. Their roots down below support their Albino cousins with all the nutrition they require.
That is precisely happens in some human communities, where the differently-abled are supported to not only live but also grow.
I always knew why strength of character is important. And the Redwoods succintly tell us that!
Are you a Redwood?

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