Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gaza Flotilla Attack: Was Israel Wrong?

It's surprising to hear the outcry over Israel's attack on the six-ship flotilla headed for Gaza.

Israel is a sovereign state and it has a sovereign right to defend itself and its borders from potential attacks. Is it wrong to assume this?

It has been suspected that the ships, which were sponsored by a Turkish "humanitarian" outfit were actually carrying supplies for the Hamas, which leads a terror war against Israel from Gaza.

If that was not the case why did the flotilla not heed the Israeli warning to head to Ashdod port for inspection? And when confronted, why did those on the flotilla adopt an aggressive posture?

We all know very well that the supposedly "humanitarian" outfits may actually be fronts for terrorist organisations. That seems to be very much the case over here.

As for the international reaction, well, it again is a reflection of hollow and double standards.

The United Nations was as spineless as ever.

The United States (which under Obama has developed the knack of pissing off allies and courting rogue states) regretted the attack, but at the same time pursues operations operations half way down the globe that supposedly threaten its security, another classic case of double-speak.

The media was also critical of Israel's approach with the sole exception of the Wall Street Journal.

Israel's "no nonsense" and "I give a damn" attitude when it comes to national security is indeed admirable and worth appreciating.

Mossad's operation to eliminate senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, earlier this year, using faked British, French and German passports was one such incident that was characteristic of Israel's internal security policy.

Hats off to Israel for standing up for rights, against the might of global opinion.

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