Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Papa....

I woke up today, oblivious to the fact that today was Father's Day.

After getting up, I went to pick up the newspapers from the door-step.

And while the ritual flipping through the pages, Neeti and I discovered that today is Father's Day.

Immediately after having breakfast, we called up our Dads to wish them for the day.

And while we were going through the rituals of calling up and wishing our Dads, my mind was flashing back to the days when I was a little kid and I was gently coaxed by Papa to have my cup of milk, when I was fed half-boiled eggs while being shown jazzy cars. As I grew up, I remember being gifted a a smart bike and Papa was the one who taught how to ride it.

It was Papa who coached me in languages, who always makes the tasty egg bhurji.

It was Papa who always accompanied me to my entrance examinations, who stood by me when I needed support. It is Papa who is always a phone call away when I am a bit under the weather.

Though I can't be with you today, 1200 kms away, heartfelt thanks to you Papa, God bless you.

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