Thursday, June 10, 2010

Keep the patience and win it all!

Again today, I heard this very inspiring story on way to work.

RJ Keisha on the morning show of western music on 107.1 Rainbow FM narrated the story of Lord Buddha, who was on a journey alongwith his disciples.

They came to a lake and Lord Buddha asked one of his disciple to fetch him water to drink, as he was thirsty and tired.

The disciple went to the lake and saw a few bullock carts crossing the lake. The movement of the carts make the lake water muddy.

The disciple came back and told Lord Buddha that the water was unfit for drinking as it was muddy.

Lord Buddha smiled and told him to be patient.

After some time, the disciple went again and to his dismay saw some suspended matter.

Lord Buddha told him to wait, again.

As time passed, the mud settled, the suspended matter settled and the lake water became crystal clear and fit for consumption.

Just as the lake water got muddy, there would be circumstances that could be beyond our control at certain points of time in our lives. There could be people in our lives with whom we don't get along.

We just need to be patient, the dust will settle, the water will get crystal clear and we'll get a clear direction to move ahead.

Being patient is the toughest part in life. It is easy to get frantic, impatient and angry with the situation you find yourself in. I too find it exceptionally diffiicult in dealing with such circumstances and people, in keeping my patience.
Moral of the story, you lose the patience, you lose it all. Keep the patience and win it all!

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