Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Men and Chick-Flicks

Last Saturday, I was pulled into a multiplex to watch Sex & The City 2.

That was when I discovered what a true chick-flick is.

Neeti and I got our seats midway between the screen and the top. As we walked into the hall and towards the screen, all I could see were females all around and a loud cacophony of chit-chat.

"Man, where have I come?" was the thought that crossed my very scared mind.

We took our seats, settled in and the movie promos started.

But I was hell bent on finding a male in the hall. I looked far and wide, left and right, up and down. It was a task as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack.

Aha, I finally found what I was looking for - found a guy sitting two rows down across the aisle. The guy was desperately trying to look interested. But only I know what he was interested in at that moment - his Coke and popcorn. After some effort, I discovered a few more males who were in no better shape than me or this guy with the Coke and the popcorn.

That made me a bit settled, mentally!

The movie began, and amidst all the girl talk that was happening in the movie I desperately tried to keep myself awake. But to me all the women in the movie looked awful. Their makeup was hideous. Their dresses looked like well wrapped, done up bedsheets.

Sarah Jessica Parker looked old, wrinkled and in desperate need of botox therapy. Cynthia Davis looked very odd and old. Kim Catrall was okay. But Kristin Davis looked the best and most elegant of them all.

As I wondering in disbelief on how could any one make a movie like this, cast actors like these, have a story like this, the women all around were letting out loud sighs in appreciation of the dresses, jewellery and dialogues.

I do not mean to be sexist, but guess there will always be things about women that men will never be able to understand, which is why chick-flicks, movies like Sex & The City 2 will always be made.

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