Sunday, June 13, 2010

Technology - The Holy Grail?

Today has been quite an odd day. Despite the enthusiasm the weekend normally brings, I am moving around the house like a zombie.
Why? I am facing some kind of withdrawal symptoms - of not being able to connect to the internet through the PC at home. The PC that we had acquired in 2007 is a passion for me, which I frequently used for creating a multimedia and digital experience at home, burning DVDs of family outings, ceremonies, etc., creating photo CDs, a kind of digital studio at home despite being a non-techie, besides the usual browsing and blogging.
Over the last few days, my internet connection had been quite erratic. While the recommended troubleshooting by the ISP did not yield results, the suspicion shifted to hardware issues. The irony was that the same connection, from the same ISP was working perfectly well on my laptop.
During the course of the last week, the manufacturer, Dell, shipped me a replacement motherboard to me, which was installed yesterday.
But nothing worked despite the replacement.
The Dell technician suggested it might be a Vista OS issue.
I got on to a technical support with a Microsoft engineer. That went on for 3 hours, and after 6-7 different different troubleshooting steps, the hapless chap was as clueless as I was. The chap directed back to the ISP.
The annoying part of the whole episode is that every technician passes the buck - the ISP to the manufacturer to OS vendor and back to the ISP. That's what you call going a full circle. And going a full circle is driving me nuts now.
One common thing that all these guys say is that "if ..... doesn't work, we may try to reinstall Vista." Fine, but what the hell is the problem? No one seems to have a clue.
It's like going to a doctor with a persistent urine infection and the doctor telling the patient to get a kidney transplant, it's as weird as that!
Is going all technology serving us any purpose if the techies themselves have no clue on what's brewing inside their concoction and when we still continue to bet on the laws of probability, on an OS reinstall being the ultimate panacea, the Holy Grail?

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