Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Much Is Enough?

A few days back, on our Whatsapp group, Neeti's cousin posted a profound thought that instantly took me back to the 1980s, the time when we were in Africa.
The local kids, some of whom were from the lower strata of society used to roll up rags and tie them up with ropes to make footballs - series of games were played with these improvised balls. Their games were fast paced, thrilling, energetic and enjoyable.
While they would have loved to have a "proper" football, they still got the thrill of sport by their rag-tag ball.
The moral of the story is hard to accept - I keep reminding myself about this every now and then but I admit, it is hard to put into practice.
The moral of the story is there is no end to desiring, coveting but life begins when one lives fully in the moment, enjoying every bit of what one has....

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Good one Rajeev and the message is so apt in today's world with limited resources.

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