Monday, October 17, 2016

DC, Here I Come...

Time to be on the "road" again - this time I am headed for a hectic business trip to Washington DC. I would be speanding six days in the capital. And this time, I am flying on an American Airlines Boeing 777-200, a plane I love to call the Silver Bullet!
My flight took off over 12 hours back at Incheon airport and my flight took me over the north Pacific, over Japan, south of Kamchatka and Alaska, before entering the US airspace over California, flying straight into Dallas Fort Worth, from where I will be boarding a flight to Washington DC.
As I took off from Incheon, Neeti was heading back home from Manila and I was freaking out a bit for not having seen her for over a week now and it will be over a week before I see her again. But I kept tracking her flight from Manila into Incheon all the way, on FlightRadar24, to be assured that she reaches home safely.

Plane Spotting for a while, before boarding at Incheon...

Catching up on live television onboard...

The onboard wifi service was pretty good and it was worth every cent of the USD 19 I spent on it. The speed was exceedingly good, and that was a bit of a surprise...

And there she is - Neeti is almost there in Incheon!

Catching up on Bollywood with Ki & Ka, a refreshing movie, that Neeti insisted that I should see! And I didn't regret it a bit!

Over the North Pacific and we've just flown over the Kuril Trench! And that reminded me of my geography classes in school, eons back!

My flight path!

Entering US airspace over California! And I was well rested for these lovely sights!

The massive Rolls Royce Trent 800 engines...

San Jose right ahead!

My plane is an 18-year old trusted workhorse!

The bright Claifornian sky!

The approach into Dallas' DFW airport begins!

My IFE on the way! And the newspapers seemed a bit too optimistic on the Democrats winning. The mood on the plane, based on a few casual chats was overly in favour of the Republicans. A few days in DC will give me a good feel of which colour the litmus would turn! After the political discussions, I watched an emotional Robert de Niro drama, Everybody's Fine, which was quite nice!

And immigration was a bit of a hassle - the automated immigration system stalled and I was directed to an immigration officer, a gruff, burly blonde-hair man, with a strong Texan twang, who could not find my visa first. And then when he did made a sly remark that visitors overstay their visas. "Well, sir, I don't intend staying here beyong Sunday morning. I am here for a business visit and I have strong ties back home to reassure you that I will go back."
That did the trick - my passport was immediately stamped and I was good to go! Now I will do some Plane Spotting here! 

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