Sunday, October 30, 2016

Diwali In Hong Kong...

Happy Diwali...

This year marks our second Diwali after shifting out of India. Last year, we celebrated our first Diwali in Songdo - The Magical Flame Of Diwali, In An Alien Land...
And this year, we are celebrating the festival of lights with family in Hong Kong.
Celebrating Diwali abroad is indeed quite a challenge - firstly, you don't have holidays for Diwali, secondly, the traditional earthen lamps (diyas) required for celebrations are not available and thirdly, there is hardly any festivity in the air, no place to buy mithais - traditional sweets.
But then we as the Indian diaspora, adapt - we adapt pretty fast and we light up homes to usher in a new hope for joy and prosperity for the future!

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