Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be Proactive....

On the way to office this morning, had 107.1 Rainbow FM (it is Thursday afterall) on in my car and RJ Keisha again, true to her peppy style, narrated an interesting story that showed how being proactive can have very some pleasant and rather unexpected outcomes in life.
That story was about a little boy who worked at a bicycle repair shop. One day a person came to the shop to get his bicycle repaired. The bicycle was old, in need of repair and quite dirty.
The little boy not only repaired the bicycle but also cleaned the bicycle such that it looked spanking new.
The other workers were surprised on the extra work, of cleaning, that the little boy was doing and laughed at him.
When the owner came to collect the bicycle, he was so delighted to see his bicycle looking as good as new that the he offered the little boy a well paying job.
The moral of the story is that to achieve something in life, one has to walk that extra mile, take that one initiative and be proactive. On the other hand, if one doesn’t take initiative, one may be left behind and lose out.
Little initiatives taken each day can add up to great big something, someday, that perhaps we can’t even imagine today.

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