Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crazy or Stupid?

Today is Thursday and as always I was waiting for RJ Keisha's Break Free on 107.1 Rainbow FM to give me company on my endless drive to office.
Keisha's story on Break Free was interesting and provided good food for thought.
It was about a truck driver delivering supplies to a mental asylum. The driver parked the truck besides a drain and stepped out when he noticed a flat tyre.
He then took out the spare tyre started to replace the flat tyre.
One by one, he unscrewed the nuts from the rim of the flat tyre. As he was busy removing the tyre, he did not notice that the four nuts had rolled down in to the drain.
Aghast and upset on what had happened, he cursed himself. "How will I drive the truck back?" he shouted and cursed himself.
That's when an asylum inmate laughed and said "Why worry? Why don't you unscrew one nut from each of the other three tyres and get this tyre back on. Then you can head back to the nearest repair shop and get the tyre done, as well as buy three nuts."
"Wow," exclaimed the driver, "that's intelligent. You are surely aren't stupid."
"Crazy I am but I am not stupid." said the inmate.
Think about it. The crazy people around us who we deride may have something special in them.

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