Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is this a government we deserve?

I am confused. I am totally clueless. I cannot understand what is our government's policy.
When has this government given any policy of national importance you name, any direction of any sort?
There are numerous examples to prove that the government is working aimlessly, without any direction, without the end in mind.
I sometimes wonder where the decisiveness of Prime Minister Manmohan (following the 26/11) has vanished. What does he seek to achieve by talking to Pakistan? And talks for what purpose? Why do we need to talk to state sponsors of terror, to murderers? How can we ever achieve peace by talking to those who have perfected terror as an instrument of state policy?
And the worst spectacle is that of ministers and bureaucrats bickering in public.
The spat between Digvijay Singh and Chidambaram on the Naxalite issue is shameful. Is Digvijay living in a fanciful world that he thinks the gun of terror cannot be silenced by silence and inaction and not the gun of peace?
S. M. Krishna's public castigation of the Home Secretary, G.K. Pillai, that his comments on Pakistan's official involvement in 26/11 derailed the talks was nothing but downright appalling. Isn't what Mr. Pillai said a fact?
Indian Railways is going to the dogs while Madam Minister is preparing to give all her Mamta to West Bengal. How can the Prime Minister be quiet on this and tolerate her?
The Congress seems to have lost its act and is aimlessly trying to govern the country.
Is this a government we deserve?

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