Friday, December 16, 2016

Bula Again, Fiji!

It's time to say Bula Fiji again...

A JetStar Airlus A320 at the parking as we commence landing into Nadi. Viti Levu has been battered away by a tropical depression TD04F since yesterday and threatens to wash away our holiday here. Fiji appears to be on an alert fearing that the depression may worsen into a cyclone - Cyclone Winston had caused a massive devastation in February 2016...

This beauty was my ride from Faleolo to Nadi...

"Welcome home" - Fiji Airways Bowing 737 in the hangar...

"Bula! Fiji Welcomes You"

Immigration clearance took quite a lot of time - the queue was long. And then when my turn came, the officer followed the "visa on arrival" rules to a T. She wanted to make copies of my tickets, hotel reservations, credit cards and my Korean visa. That took 20 minutes as there were others who were also ahead of me in this queue. And then I was good to go!
Yay! My holiday begins - it's time to say Bula Fiji!

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