Sunday, September 11, 2016

Getting 'Dessert'ed In Hanoi...

Roaming through the Night Market of Hanoi, we resisted all temptation to eat the street food. However, all that changed when we saw a small cart of cold stone ice cream. I never had it before, neither did Neeti, and we just stood there to observe how these "artists" craft a cup of ice cream out of fruit and milk. 

Here goes the milk on the cold stone...

In goes the fruit, which is crushed, mashed and the juices blend with the milk...

It's all mixed to a creamy consistency, blending the fruit and the milk...

...freezing as we go along!

The mixture is then spread out thin over the cold stone, freezing it instantly. Strips are cut and rolled up to go into your cup!

And voila, enjoy!
And yes, we were indeed seduced by the sights and bought a cup of blueberry ice cream!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is it similar or better than the cold stone ice cream served here in some cities?

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