Saturday, September 3, 2016

Loving The Monsoons In Full Bloom, Again...

I am back home again, and seriously, nothing feels like home, the sights, the sounds and the smells and to beat it all, the very romantic Monsoonish feeling. And the swanky Terminal 2 gave me a very warm welcome with a quick immigration clearance, no queues.

Waiting for my bags...

And the display reminds me it is the beginning of the festival season, and Lord Ganesha is there to shower his blessings on his...

Checking out some interesting books in the bookshop...
I was famished, and I picked up a sandwich from Theobrama's, wow, they've opened a counter at the domestic departure gates. Man, I so wish they had eggs benedict here. Ohhh, I saw their magical brownies and picked up a few to take with me to Delhi and back to Songdo on Tuesday!

As I sipped on my Assam tea, I relaxed by the giant T2 windows, Plane Spotting. Indeed there is a very different feel to Plane Spotting in the Monsoons!

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